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Comprehensive support and hanger

Comprehensive support and hanger

U Channel KWIKSTRUT supports and hangers are composed of U-shaped channel steel, bottom brackets, connectors, pipe clamps, etc. The U-shaped channel steel is connected to the concrete top slab through the bottom bracket and the anchor bolt, and then connected to form a complete set of supports and hangers through the channel steel connectors. The beam can be flexibly adjusted in elevation or position according to the actual situation of the site, and the system can be expanded according to the future system operation requirements. The bracket is assembled by bolts, which is convenient to install, no welding, no need to apply anti-corrosion paint, and reach the same strength as the field welding bracket.

Seismic support

Seismic support

Earthquakes will cause ground vibrations, which will be transmitted to the main building body and also to non-structural components, bringing serious safety hazards to the pipeline industry and its attached supports and hangers. The "Code for Seismic Design of Buildings" (GB 50011-2010) clearly stipulates that non-structural components, including non-structural components of buildings and auxiliary mechanical and electrical equipment of buildings, themselves and their connections with the main body of the structure should be subjected to seismic design. The "Code for Seismic Design of Building Electrical and Mechanical Engineering" (GB 50981-2014) also stipulates that the electrical and mechanical engineering of buildings in areas where the seismic fortification intensity is 6 degrees and above must be designed for earthquake resistance. The diversified spare parts realize the convenient installation of the seismic support while providing the bearing capacity to meet the safety requirements. Freely combined products can be assembled into longitudinal seismic supports, lateral seismic supports and four-way seismic supports. At the same time, it provides rigid seismic and flexible seismic supports for the professional seismic requirements of different pipelines.

Comprehensive pipe gallery bracket

Comprehensive pipe gallery bracket

The comprehensive pipe gallery support system is composed of pre-embedded channels, high-strength T-shaped connecting bolts, C-shaped channel steel, cantilever channel steel, channel steel accessories, seismic components, seismic pipe clamps and cable clamps, etc., which are mechanically connected by bolts. . It has strong anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, anti-shock and anti-sliding capabilities, and is connected with concrete by anchor bolts. It is mainly used in the intensive management of underground space pipe gallery and pipeline, with strong expansion performance.

Trough embedded parts

Trough embedded parts

It is embedded in the building structure to reliably transfer high loads and dynamic loads to reinforced and unreinforced concrete constructions, thereby solving the post-anchorage problem of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, without damaging the concrete reinforcement and structure, and can be installed in concrete Tension and compression zone. Products are widely used in high-speed rail, subway, curtain wall and other projects.

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